Viking 3d Valkyrie frame kit by HoneyBadger **Pre order**


Only 10 pieces in stock!

**This is a preorder item, expected to arrive by mid to late September**

Frame kit for Viking 3d Valkyrie high temp 3d printer. Black colored frame with Mitsumi profile extrusion. cut, drilled and tap to Specifications listed in the BOM.

What's included?

Frame kit length
Z 2020 rear center 369
x 2020 rear top 420
x 2040 420 x4
y 2040 480 x4
z 2040 750 x4 
bracket 2028 L bracket x42
bracket 90 deg plate x4


What's missing?

More information

A portion of this sale goes to support Viking 3D and project Valkyrie development