Salad fork 160mm kit By HoneyBadger **Pre Order**

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Honey, I shrunk the Trident! Announcing our complete Salad Fork kit in 160mm spec! Featuring signature HoneyBadger products and supplemented with all the necessary extra items, all you will need is a set of printed parts and basic tools.

what is a Salad Fork? Simply put, a scratch build using 1515 extrusions like the V0, but with the design of a Trident scaled down. Uses a triple-leadscrew mount for the bed and enables automatic bed leveling with Klicky probe by jlas1.

Included in each HoneyBadger Salad Fork 160 Kit is: 440C Stainless Linear Rails with a custom preload, High Temperature NEMA14 Steppers from LDO Motors for reliable and precise motion, Precision Machined Tool Plate Bed with a custom Edge-to-Edge Bed Heater, single-sided Black PEI Salad Fork Flex Plate for excellent adhesion and long-lasting performance, CAN BUS Toolhead using BTT's new Mantra M8P & EBB36 Board to simplify the wiring job along with a CB1 to eliminate the need for costly raspberry Pi's. Full specs below!

Custom powder coated Colors:

we are now offering custom powder coated colored frames by Dllpdf. List of colors will be posted soon, we will contact you when the frames are ready to get your color choice and give more details on the logistics. This option adds 35$ for labor and shipping to the base kit cost but results in a truly unique printer. 

**A portion of the sale will go to support the saladfork dev team**

The Kit:

  • HoneyBadger Saladfork frame (Black or silver) 160mm spec
  • HoneyBadger 440c Rails with custom preload and saladfork logo
  • HoneyBadger Mic 6 plate made in the USA 160mm
  • HoneyBadger Titanium Backers for SF 160
  • HoneyBadger Black textured pei single sided with SF logo on thick spring steel plate
  • HoneyBadger Saladfork Hardware kit with Stainless steel fasteners including magnets, rubber feet and miscellaneous hardware for building 
  • HoneyBadger Edge to edge heater 200w 24V with 210c rated glue 
  • HoneyBadger Performance fan kit 2x 3010 1x 3007 2x 4010 blowers
  • HoneyBadger Canbus Wiring harness using 22awg PTFE Cable 
  • Honeybadger Nano coated BMG kit with abec 3 mr85 bearings
  • Bondtech Original shaft and thumbscrew with SF logo
  • LDO Motors 3x Z lead screws with PTFE coating 2x 35STH48-1684AH for the AB drive 36sth20-1004ahg for the extruder
  • LDO V0.1 Display
  • Big Tree Tech Manata 8 driver MCU with CM4 or CB1 compatibility 
  • Big Tree Tech Ebb36 can bus MCU for toolhead 
  • Big Tree Tech U2C can bus board
  • Big tree Tech CB1 Compute module that replaces the Raspberry pi 
  • Phaetus  dragonfly BMO 
  • DLLPDF Acrylic panels and black ACM panels for back and bottom made in USA
  • DLLPDF Nut bars for the rails
  • Mean well UHP-350-24
  • Omron D2F micro switch Pre wired
  • Pre wired Ac inlet and c-13 power cable
  • din rails
  • 4mm od 2mm id PTFE tube 
  • 4mm od 3mm id PTFE tube in black 
  • 3mm 5952 VHB tape 
  • 3mm and 1mm Foam tape
  • Klicky probe kit


What you need to source:

  • Printed parts

Questions? Join our discord server for Fabreeko kits or message us via the web Chat

**Preorder, batch 1 will be limited and will start shipping to customers by  mid September ** 

we do our best to provide a plug and play kit, there is always the possibility that a miscellaneous connector or wire might be needed to finish the build, in the event this happens Fabreeko will provide the parts within a reasonable amount of time. listed timeframe is our best estimate +-5 days delays can and may happen so plan accordingly. in the unlikely event a part is not available, a similar or higher quality one will be provided.