Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D

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Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D
Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D
Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D
Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D
Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D

Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D

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HoneyBadger Rook MK1 Kit By Rolohaun 3D

Why settle for pawns when you can have the precision and power of a Rook? Our 3D printing kit is the game-changer you've been waiting for. This 105mm Core XY printer is here to usher in a new era in the world of affordable 3D printing.

 You can use the stock .STL files or the custom files from our GitHub!

What's included

  • Original Gates GT2 6mm wide Belt 4.5 meters
  • 3 X 20T HB Pulleys
  • F695 Bearing Pack of 18 
  • 4x 32 x 22 Rubber Feet
  • HB Hardware kit with 25% extras 
    • 18x M3 x 6mm 
    • 28x M3 x 10mm 
    • 3x M3 x 12mm 
    • 8x M3 x 16mm 
    • 3x M3 x 18mm 
    • 10x M3 x 25mm
    • 125x M3 Nuts
    • 5x M5 25mm 
    • 3x M5 x 30mm 
    • 15x M5 X 16mm 
    • 25x M5 Shims 1 mm brass precision
    • 25x M4 Washers 
    • 5x M2.5 x 8mm
    • 5x M4 x 40 hex head
    • 25x M3x6x5 heat inserts
    • 14x M3x4x5 heat inserts  
  • Yellow bed springs x4
  • 200w 24V power supply
  • Power Supply DC connector
  • Prewired microswitch Endstop 
  • 120 mm Cast Aluminum (Mic 6) Bed
  • Pre-installed Edge to Edge bed heater, and Thermal fuse 
  • HoneyBadger 40mm Motors for A,B & Z (3 motors)
  • HoneyBadger 20mm Pancake motors for Extruder (1 motor)
  • Sherpa mini Extruder BMG kit (Requires printed parts)
  • PTFE tubing for bowden and hotend
  • HoneyBadger Mgn9c 200mm Rails & 150mm Rails for X & Y motion
  • HoneyBadger LM8UU Bearings x2 & 8mm x 200mm Rods x4
  • BTT Pico board or e3 v2 board
  • HoneyBadger P-Series Rook fan set 3010 Axial fan x1 & 4010 Blowers x2.

What you need to source

  1. Compatible hotend
  2. Optional printing surface like PEI or glass, you can also use painters tape.
  3. Miscellaneous Wiring, crimping tools and jst connectors may be required to complete the assembly
  4. Printed parts, some are specific to the kit, and some are optional like the idlers shown, links will be posted soon. additional miscellaneous hardware might be necessary to build as shown on the picture. 
  5. Anything else not listed above that you might need to complete the kit. 


Version shown is using Mods by Gulsifer found here


A portion of the projected sales has been sent to support Rolohaun3D, the original developer. In addition, Fabreeko has become a member of Rolohaun3D's Patreon community, demonstrating our support for their work and any future endeavors they may undertake. We want to thank everyone in the ROOK community for that contributed to this project, Gulsifer for all this awesome mods and work on this ROOK and Kangrog87 for volunteering to test our first kits and helping with the Rook documentation.