Esun PLA+ Pine Green 1kg

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Esun PLA+ Pine Green 1kg

Esun PLA+ Pine Green 1kg

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    Using purified corn grain Makes our PLA+ be Highly Rigid, Have excellent glossiness and transparency when applicable. Perfect for printing larger models, Toughness is about  10 times more than regular PLA. No Stringing problems or blobs, Making your Print surface smoother and delicate to the touch. 

  • Surface texture: Standard PLA has a rough surface both on the surface of the layers and on the outer part of the layers. PLA+ Exhibits a smoother texture when printed at optimal temperatures 
  • Overhang: PLA+ has better overhang properties that leave less stringing on the final print.
  • Print temperature: PLA+ typically has a higher print temperature than PLA.
  • Reflection: PLA+ has a glossy reflection that helps to showcase it better.
  • Strength: Based on a number of videos on YouTube, PLA+ seems harder to break. Users exposed it to various tests, including smashing, weight holding, and bending. When over-stretched, PLA+ bends while regular PLA snaps

Source: All3DP

size 1.75 mm

1kg per spool

  ** We do our best to portray the color accurately with some Real product pictures added as well and in most cases, even prints are photographed, unfortunately, monitor calibrations vary so the color may not be exactly what your monitor shows, however, it should be really really close **