4010 Axial fans by HoneyBadger

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4010 Axial fans by HoneyBadger

4010 Axial fans by HoneyBadger

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Style High SP (9400 RPM)
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What is it:

After careful testing and multiple rounds of samples we are ready to release our HoneyBadger P-Series fans. These 4010 Axial fans have a durable fan motor and high static pressure which can take on any modern toolhead Type or electronics. Choose between Blistering 9,400 RPM for hotend cooling or a moderate 7,000 RPM for Electronics and those who prefer less noise. 


 1) High Static Pressure with alarm

  • Model: 4010A-24V-9400

  • Construction type: Dual ball bearing

  • Voltage: 24V

  • Operating Voltage: 12~26.5 (VDC)

  • Input Power: 2.16(W)±15%

  • Speed: 9600 (RPM) ±10%

  • Max Air flow: 9.81 (CFM)

  • Max Air Pressure: 9.02 (mmH2O)

  • Noise: 38.25 (DB)

  • Insulation: Class A (105℃)

 This fan features a Rotor lock alarm via a 3rd wire (yellow) that will output a Vin (24v) signal when the fan stops spinning, this feature is still being integrated into Klipper to allow for an emergency stop in case of fan failure or print collision that stops the fan. More information on this will be release soon. 


This Fan is not PWM capable. Yellow wire must be covered when not connected to avoid problems when the Alarm feature turns on.


2) Balance series

  • 7,000 RPM +-10%
  • 2 pin connector
  • 24v
  • model 4010A-24v-7000


This fan is ideal for electronics cooling. 


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