Support & Terms of Service

30-day No Questions asked return policy:

  • If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase Let us know! Send us an email to to talk to one of our customer service agents or send us a message via Facebook and we will make sure to make it right. 
  • You are entitled to return your 3D printer or accessories up to 30 days after purchase and in some special occasions Like Christmas you have up to 90 days  starting Nov 15th. 
  • New to 3D printing and need help? we will gladly guide you through the setup process to achieve that first successful print. Just sent us an email to we will also provided will be links to videos and online material that we find does an excellent job at teaching the basics of 3D printing. 


**As soon as we receive your return and process it there will be a refund confirmation sent via email. we ask that you are patient and wait at least 15-20 days after receiving the refund email, Sometimes credit card companies take a full cycle before they show the refund. However we will do our best to expedite all returns and refunds **


Warranty Service

  • Fabreeko and Creality both stand behind their products, in the unlikely event of a printer or parts malfunction Please send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also use our social media to contact us but please make sure you send an email as well so we can keep track of support cases in most efficient way possible. 

  • Fabreeko stocks the most common wear and tear parts for our most popular printers, in the event we do not have the part needed in stock we will do our best to get it in a reasonable amount of time. If we believe a repair is no longer possible because of discontinued parts or supply issues. Fabreeko reserves the right to provide the customer with a new machine or part of equal or greater value. 


What can Fabreeko do for you

Fabreeko will attempt to diagnose and resolve your problem by e-mail. we may direct you to download and install software updates If your problem cannot be resolved over the e-mail or through software updates, Fabreeko will arrange for Parts replacement if the Printer or accessory is still inside its Limited Warranty. 

For quality-related warranty claims, items will be replaced by new items however in the rare occurrence of supply constrains we reserve the right to replace your items with a factory refurbished model of equal or more value as soon as they are  available. Warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty timeframe of the original defective item.

Note: Hot Bed Stickers / nozzles and other consumables are not covered by the limited warranty unless its a manufacturing defect.

* Warranty period may vary according to local laws and regulations.

The use of personal contact information

By obtaining after sales service under this policy, you authorize Fabreeko to store your contact information, including name, phone number, shipping address and email address. We will protect the security of your information.


Other Terms

Fabreeko guarantees that, subject to the following conditions, Refund Service, Replace Service and Warranty Repair Service can be requested.

Shipping costs must be covered by buyer in the following situations

  •  Returning products for any reason other than a proven defect
  •  Buyer’s changed their mind returns
  •  Returning personal items
  •  Returning items claimed to have defects but found by Fabreeko's quality control team to be in working condition
  •  Costs associated with unauthorized returns (any returns made outside of the approved warranty process)


Part Replacement for Quality-Related Issues

All quality-related defects on items sold directly by Fabreeko are covered by an extensive warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Replacement part provided by Fabreeko will most likely be new, but in the rare occurrence of supply shortages we reserve the right to use refurbished parts. However they will be in good working order and have functionally equivalent to the original product or part’s warranty. A replacement part shall be covered for the time remaining in the original product’s warranty.

Quality control and inspection before shipping

All printers sold by Fabreeko go through an extensive 10 point quality control and inspection before being sent out to customers. we do this to avoid any common problems that happen when we receive printer or accessories directly from Shenzhen china and  during shipping.
** Customer have the right to opt out of the 10 point inspection and QC process, all you have to do is notate it on the order when checking out**
The 10 point inspection consist of the following:
  •  Inspect packaging for any obvious signs of abuse by the freight forwarder 
  • Open package and verify all main components are present
  • Verify all connectors are present on cables
  • inspect the bed and frame for loose wheels and straight frame 
  • switch the power supply voltage to the correct one for USA
  • boot up the printer to ensure its not Dead on arrival 
  • test heating elements to ensure proper operation including a 5 minute sustained heating period to verify proper PID tuning 
  • auto home the  Y axis to ensure drivers are working correctly 
  • repackage everything to their exact location as per Creality's shipping specifications. Doublechecking that all components that were taking out are placed back in the box
  • Apply a Fabreeko seal of inspection on the outside so customers know this unit is 100% functional and will meet or exceed their expectations. 

**It is important to know that at no point in this process is filament inserted into the machine or the X/Z axis assembled. Your printer will look EXACTLY like it does when it comes from the factory but you can now purchase with confidence knowing that we Fabreeko has completed a strict QC and inspection process on your printer.**

Completing a purchase through our store signifies your acceptance of the terms listed above