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Zodiac Nozzles now shipping!
Zodiac Nozzles now shipping!

ZODIAC MK8 PRO (fits: Creality)

by Zodiac
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$59.99 - $59.99
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ZODIAC PRO, as the name, suggests they are PRO among all the nozzles. Best performance, best efficiency, for those who prefer flawless printing.

ZODIAC [PRO] nozzles are our recommendation for professional users with high print volumes. During the development and production of the [PRO] series, we have exhausted all technical possibilities to achieve maximum performance. Compared to our [CRB] series, we have further improved the coating to achieve even greater resistance and even lower sliding friction.
The aim of all our efforts is to offer a nozzle with maximum service life and the best possible printing result. Even with demanding filaments, the nozzle only needs to be changed very rarely.

  • Hardest available Nozzle (up to 3.900 HV)
  • High-temperature resistant (up to 600 °C)
  • Highest wear resistance
  • Lowest friction coefficient
ZODIAC PRO Nozzles comes with a special ZODIAC Bi-Layer Coating which improves extremely Wear Resistance and Thermal Properties of the Nozzle. More information Here


Size: 0.4 MM