Zero G Hydra 3 point conversion for ender 5 pro & plus


3-point bed leveling conversion with built in kinematics using 3 100mm mgn9c rails to allow natural expansion of the bed when heated. Kit includes all the hardware, couplers, 3 mgn9c 100mm rails and extrusion.


Kit includes the following:

  1. 2x 90deg corner brackets
  2. 3x Couplers with cutouts for wobble reduction
  3. 3x kossel balls
  4. 3x magnets
  5. 1x cable drag chain
  6. 1x Extrusion (510 mm for plus 400mm for pro)
  7. 3x mgn9c 100mm HoneyBadger kinematic series rails
  8. 50x heat insert nuts (yes more)
  9. 5x aluminum spacers
  10. 16x M3 washers
  11. 10x M3*6 screws
  12. 12x M5*10 screws
  13. 5x M4x16 screws
  14. 90x M3*8 screws
  15. 5x M3*10 screws
  16. 6x M5*8 screws
  17. 20x 2020 M5 spring Tnuts
  18. 30x 2020 M3 spring Tnuts

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