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What It Is:

Introducing Bed Adhesive Kits

Greetings, 3D printing wizards and sorceresses! Allow me to present to you the marvelous bed adhesive kits – the secret to vanquishing part warping! 🪄✨

The Magical Recipe for High-Performance Printing

Picture this: a recipe crafted for the finest high-temperature engineering materials, the kind that even PEEK would approve of! That's right, is an open-source, high-performance bed adhesive that can handle printing ABS on bare spring steel like a pro. But wait, there's more! It's also a brilliant release agent for all your PET/PETG/TPU on PEI needs, ensuring your masterpieces pop off the plate effortlessly once they've cooled down.

 The Enchanting Contents of the Kit

What's inside this mystical kit, you ask? Prepare to be spellbound! We've assembled the finest ingredients for your 3D printing alchemy:

  • 21g of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) K30
  • 9g of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)
  • A delightful 30ml PET dropper bottle
  • A trusty 2" wide foam brush for smooth application

But fear not! The magic doesn't stop there; all you need is some isopropyl alcohol and distilled water – and don't worry, any large bottle will do just fine.

Brewing the Elixir of Success

Now, let's dive into the brewing process and unlock the secrets of this powerful elixir. Simply mix the PVA and PVP powders into your alcohol, give it a shake until they dance in harmony, and voilà! Fill your 30ml bottle with your newly crafted potion, and you're all set to work wonders.

Unleashing the Magic Drops

Using the goo is a breeze – think of it as your own little vial of magic drops! We recommend one drop per 30cm², but hey, feel free to play with the magic formula. Remember, there's no strict rule here! Need a guide to get you started? Here's a sneak peek at the enchanting drops needed for various bed sizes:

  • 120mm² bed: 5 drops
  • 160mm² bed: 9 drops
  • 180mm² bed: 11 drops
  • 235mm² bed: 18 drops
  • 250mm² bed: 21 drops
  • 300mm² bed: 30 drops
  • 350mm² bed: 41 drops

Casting the Enchantment

Ready to weave your magic? Apply the goo to a cold flex plate and spread it around using the trusty foam brush. And if it needs a little more fairy dust, a dash of water or alcohol will do the trick. Magic, right? You can even dilute the 1L batch further if you desire an even easier spread.

Maintenance and Refreshing

Even the most magical things require a touch of care now and then. Reapply the goo every 5-10 prints, or whenever you feel like your bed needs a boost. And here's a little secret spell for center-of-the-bed printers – simply "refresh" the layer with some alcohol to keep the magic flowing.

 Embracing the Enchanted Prints

Remember, every magic has its quirks! The goo may leave a tiny residue on the bottom of your prints. But fret not, simply wipe it away with a little water or alcohol. And if your ABS prints bear stress marks, fear not! Place them back on your print bed at 100C, and like magic, they'll vanish within minutes.

 Summoning the 3D Printing Sorcerer in You!

There you have it, dear 3D printing sorcerer! Armed with, you'll be weaving your printing magic in no time, bidding farewell to warping and embracing a world of enchanting creations. So go forth and print with wonder and awe! Happy printing, and remember – it's all in the magic goo! 🧙‍♂️✨