Euclid probe kit (24v)

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Euclid probe kit (24v)
Euclid probe kit (24v)
Euclid probe kit (24v)

Euclid probe kit (24v)

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highly accurate and magnetically coupled Z probe for your 3D printer, laser and CNC machine.


  • Direct Surface Sensing
    • Swap out your surface for glass, textured, PEI, PEX, Blue Tape, whatever! Euclid can sense them all
  • Reliable Probing
    • Even at a 10mm/s probe speed, standard deviation is .0021 in a sample size of 50 probes
    • Direct sensing of the bed - not affected by bed magnets, humidity,
    • No servo needed, no waiting between probes, no settle time - probe quickly and without failure
  • Reliable Deployment
    • Polarized Magnets for one-way docking
    • Circuit is completed through magnets - if docking fails for whatever reason, printer can detect and error
    • Atomized docking components are pre-made for any application - simply add geometry to attach to your machine and enjoy tried & tested geometry
  • Durable
    • Switches are standard industrial switches used in a wide variety of applications
    • Docking the probe allows significant toolhead clearance when not in use
    • No moving parts are installed while machine is in use - nothing to get caught during an errant print or if the sensing pin decides to drop and catch things on its own


  • 2x Euclid PCB's
  • 2x Polarized Magnet Pairs
  • 4x Flathead Screws for magnet mounting
  • 1x JST-XH 3position header
  • 1x Omron Switch


Check out the github here:

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Installation notes:

The holes for installing the board on the printer are sized for m2.5 screws. If needed There is enough PCB space to drill out for m3 clearance hole.