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Zodiac Nozzles now shipping!
Zodiac Nozzles now shipping!

ZODIAC Titan Heatbreak V6

by Zodiac
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ZODIAC Heatbreaks are the perfect compliment to our nozzle ranges. They're made out of titanium which has a very low thermal conductivity and is very wear ressistant.
Thanks to this unique combination of properties, the extrusion process can be carried out particularly precisely and defect free. Filament will only melt, where it is meant to.
Our heatbreaks are precision drilled and then polished from the inside. This guarantees smooth surfacses on the inside - no clogging or blocking! Each part undergoes 100% quality control and is only delivered in perfect condition.

  • Very low thermal conductivity (~ 22 W/mK-1)
  • Polished filament channel
  • Precision-made
  • For V6 Nozzles
  • Made of titanium