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Code 15PH for phaetus hot ends and filament 20PH for 20% off Nozzles
Code 15PH for phaetus hot ends and filament 20PH for 20% off Nozzles


by Zodiac
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ZODIAC CRB nozzles are made with detailed precision to achieve perfection. Improved wear resistance and withheld high temperature (up to 450°C) like no one other.

Every nozzle goes through 8 process steps until it can call itself ZODIAC. The plasma polished tool steel body is 3 times vacuum hardened up to 1000HV and then refined with a bi-layer coating up to 3500HV. The whole process is tested according to the DIN EN ISO 1071-2 and VDI 3198 standards.

ZODIAC has an unprecedented lifetime and can withstand any filament such as PLA, ABS, TPU but also carbon or filaments containing metal particles. Also excellent with PEEK for industrial high-temperature applications up to 450 °C.
Due to the low coefficient of sliding friction, no filament residues adhere to the nozzle even during long printing processes, which leads to optimum printing results.

  • Extremely hard
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High-temperature resistant (up to 450 °C)

ZODIAC CRB Nozzles comes with a special ZODIAC Bi-Layer Coating which improves Wear Resistance and Thermal Properties of the Nozzle remarkably. More information Here


Size: 0.4 MM