RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit

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RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit
RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit

RatRig Stronghold One CNC Kit

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Size 750x750 mm
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What it is:

he StrongHold ONE is a versatile CNC machine designed for hobbyists, makers, woodworkers and fabricators with three available machine sizes, high-quality construction, advanced features, and the ability to cut a range of materials with precision and efficiency, with hardness up to soft metals like Aluminium, Brass or Copper.

Introducing the StrongHold ONE - a CNC machine designed to meet the demands of hobbyists, makers, woodworkers and fabricators. A versatile machine that can be configured to fit your needs with customizable sizes and electronics.

With three different working areas to choose from, ranging from 750x750 mm to 1250x1250 mm, the machine provides ample space for your projects. The maximum Z clearance of 130mm allows you to work with thicker materials, while the frame made of 40 series extrusion provides a sturdy and stable platform for your work.

The HG15 & MGN15 rails and TR8x8 lead screws transmission on all axes ensure smooth and precise movement, giving you great accuracy and repeatability. The 12mm thick XY joiner plates provide additional rigidity and reduce vibration, resulting in a smoother and more consistent cut.

The StrongHold ONE is equipped with inductive endstops, ensuring accurate and reliable positioning, the optional spindle/router mount available in different diameters supports a wide range of tools. This means you can work with a variety of materials, including wood, foam, plastics, and soft metals, with ease and efficiency.

The StrongHold ONE also features an integrated drag chain based cable management system, keeping your workspace tidy and organized, and reducing the risk of damage to your machine.

With its configurable size and electronics, high-quality construction, and advanced features, the StrongHold ONE will become an essential part of your workshop.

Whats included:

  1. Long parts
  2. Base parts kit
  3. plate set v1.0
  4. Printed parts
  5. Machine kit
  6. wiring kit

More details Here

what you need to source

  • motors for x y z (x4)
  • spindle with vfd- your choice of 110v or 220v and what thickness to get. The most common setup is an 80mm spindle 
  • controller - we recomend blackbox x32  but any controller with good motor drivers can be used like masso G3 
  • power supply & misc wiring for motors- most motors come with cables, you need 24v and/or 48v power supply depending on your setup. 

Cuttable Materials:

Plastics: All plastics suitable for CNC machining
Composites: Carbon fiber, MDF, particle board, etc
Metals: Soft metals (Aluminium, Brass, Copper)



  • Maximum Z Travel: 105mm
    Maximum Z Clearance: 130mm (Excluding spoilboard)
    Spindle Mount: 43mm, 65mm, 80mm
    Linear Rail - X MGN15
    Linear Rail - Y HG15
    Linear Rail - Z MGN15
    Transmission - X Leadscrew - TR8x8
    Transmission - Y Leadscrew - TR8x8
    Transmission - Z Leadscrew - TR8x8
    Full Step Distance - X 0.04mm
    Full Step Distance - Y 0.04mm
    Full Step Distance - Z 0.04mm

Rat Rig Stronghold ONE 750x750
Machine Dimensions X/Y/Z: 1165mm x 1165mm x 570mm
Frame Footprint X/Y: 1054mm x 1047mm
Machine Work Area X/Y: 744mm x 750mm
Spoilboard Size: X/Y: 864mm x 1000mm

Rat Rig Stronghold ONE 750x1250
Machine Dimensions X/Y/Z: 1165mm x 1665mm x 570mm
Frame Footprint X/Y: 1054mm x 1547mm
Machine Work Area X/Y: 744mm x 1250mm
Spoilboard Size X/Y: 864mm x 1500mm

Rat Rig Stronghold ONE 1250x1250
Machine Dimensions X/Y/Z: 1665mm x 1665mm x 570mm
Frame Footprint X/Y: 1554mm x 1547mm
Machine Work Area X/Y: 1244mm x 1250mm
Spoilboard Size X/Y: 1364mm x 1500mm


STRONGHOLD One Recommended Setup:

- Controller, a simple all-in-one controller like the BlackBox X32 is a good place to start.
- If you're a fan of Duet and Duet Web Control, the Duet 3 6HC it's a perfectly solid choice. Maybe the main drawback is that contrary to the other controllers, this one doesn't come with its own enclosure, so you may want to make an enclosure for it to avoid getting it all dirty with woodchips.
- If you're using our standard or high torque motors with the BlackBox X32 or the Duet 3 6HC, you won't need any external motor drivers, as this controllers can drive those.
- Stepper Motors: the high torque motors are recommended for works with harder woods or soft metals, if you have a heavier spindle, or another situation that you require more torque from your machine transmission. For a more simple setup with a light router/spindle, and soft materials, the standard stepper motors should be a good choice.
- You can select a simple 1x 350 watt 24V PSU
- If you select the BlackBox X32, you can optionally add the OpenBuilds Interface if you'd like some extra hand-on control of your machine
- You can select a router tool such as the Router11 or a AMB spindle that doesn't need any VFD . These are a lot simpler to use compared to a VFD driven spindle setup.
- For spindle/router mounts, in general, you can select a 43mm for the AMB (Kress) spindles, a 65mm for Router11 or BOSCH/Makita style routers.

Aditional items you need to source:

- Power cords - you will need to source your own power cords to connect your PSU(s) to mains.
- Wiring Cables - The kit includes cables and connectors for the endstops and stepper motors. You will have to source the cables for the remaining connections (e.g. to connect the controller to the PSU). The type and number of cables will vary depending on your choice of controller and add-on components.
- You may need a few zip ties for cable management.
- Spoiler board - use your own preferred locally sourced material. Check the correct spoiler board size for your machine in the above Machine Dimensions. The thickness of the spoil board will affect the maximum working height. It is recommended to use a spoiler board which is at least 10mm thick.