LDO Voron switchwire kit

$875 $950

Only 4 pieces in stock!


**All other colors now available. They no longer include a Raspberry Pi** 

Features & Extras

•Stainless Steel Linear Rails
- No more worrying about rusty rails. We recommend greasing these rails at the end of your build.
Brass Heatset Insert Tool - We've included a custom machined brass tip for your soldering iron, use it to install heatset inserts with ease! Check here for more information. •Input Shaper Tool- We thew in a toolkit that includes all the necessary parts to perform input shaper calibration, hassle free.
Pre-cut & Pre-wired - Our kit includes all necessary wiring: cut to just the right length and pre-crimped or soldered to their respective parts. See our supplementary wiring guide here.
Toolhead PCB - To simplify toolhead wiring, we include a toolhead and breakout PCB based on the popular hartk toolhead PCB.
Small Tools - We include a small set of hex wrenches for all the fasteners used in the build. Also included is a small flat head screw driver that is useful in a surprising numerous situations.
2mm Drill Bit - Metric drill bits may not be very common in some parts of the world, so we included one. Use it to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.


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