Fabreeko Edge to Edge Heaters for Zero G


We are proud to release our take on Edge to Edge Heaters 

  • True edge-to-edge design on the outside and inside- our Arlon bed heaters go to the edge of your build plate with both the heating element and the covering element making for a true edge-to-edge heater. 
  • Zero G Specific sizes-  Designed by our team and tested in house to make sure these fit like a glove. 
  • Made with safety in mind- Our heaters are past various certifications including CE and come with an integrated 150c Thermostat that will disconnect power temporarily in the event of a thermal runaway.  We still recommend using an external sensor based on the build specs of the printer used. in fact we have taken into account possible install locations used by various Bed manufacturers for a smooth installation experience. 
  • Say Goodbye to RTV- Using Lohmans German-made glue rated for 270c short-term use and 200c long-term, we are able to stop the need for external RTV on bed heaters.  This Glue is rated for 2x the heat resistance of the current market standard.
  • Ntc 100k thermistor

**NOTE: due to the reflective nature of Mic6 direct readings did not show correct temperatures, all other areas were within normal tolerances (PEI, Arlon, Heater, Wires) **