Daylight & Disco Stick (RGB)

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Daylight & Disco Stick (RGB)

Daylight & Disco Stick (RGB)

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Style Daylight
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What it is

Get ready to elevate your printing game and showcase your stunning prints like never before with our brilliant LED sticks! With their easy installation and impressive brightness, these sticks are the perfect addition to light up your printer's interior and highlight your creations in all their glory. Get your hands on these LED sticks today and take your printing experience to a whole new level of awesomeness! 

This Awesome Hardware was designed by Bartlammers More info Here


  • Daylight:
    • 18 White LED 4000K 90+ CRI
  • Daylight on a Matchstick
    • 12 White LED 4000k 90+ CRI
  • Disco on a stick (RGB)
    • 18 addressable RGB LED
  • Disco on a Matchstick
    • 10 addressable RGB LED

Printed Mounts