Unveiling the Beauty and Performance of Black PEI Flex Plates

Unveiling the Beauty and Performance of Black PEI Flex Plates


In the world of 3D printing, the quest for the perfect print bed surface can often feel like a never-ending journey. Enter the realm of black PEI (Polyetherimide) flex plates by HoneyBadger, where aesthetics meet functionality, redefining the standards of print bed excellence. Let's dive into an in-depth review of three exceptional variants: the Smooth Black PEI, the Single-Sided Black Textured PEI, and the Semi-Satin Thin Dual-Sided Textured Beds. Each brings its own flair and set of capabilities to the table, catering to the diverse needs of the 3D printing community.

HoneyBadger P-Series Smooth Black PEI Flex Plates:
 The Sleek Performer

The first thing you'll notice about the P-Series Smooth Black PEI Flex Plate is its stunning black finish, reminiscent of a freshly waxed sports car. This plate isn't just about looks; it's a lesson in cleanliness and care. The smooth surface is incredibly receptive to oils from your hands, reminding us to minimize direct contact. Though it's the most delicate of the trio, with proper handling, it shines in performance. Its adhesion properties are top-notch, making it a solid choice for those prioritizing print quality. However, caution is advised—avoid metal tools and removal of prints prior to cool down.

Aesthetics: Top marks for its sleek, polished appearance.

Durability and Care: Handle with care to avoid chipping; the plate demands respect.

Printability and Removal: Superior adhesion, though prints may be tougher to remove.

Ratings: Printability 10/10, Durability 7/10, Print Removal 6/10.



HoneyBadger Single-Sided Black Textured PEI: The Rugged Beauty

The Single-Sided Black Textured PEI plate offers a subtle texture that enhances both the look and functionality of your prints. Its fine texture strikes a perfect balance, requiring no adjustments to your printer settings. This plate is as resilient as it is elegant, forgiving the occasional mishap with ease. Prints adhere well and are simple to remove, featuring a barely-there sparkle that adds a decorative touch without compromising the print's integrity.


Aesthetics: Matte finish that's both beautiful and practical.

Durability and Care: Built to last, this plate tolerates the occasional slip.

Printability and Removal: Ideal grip and effortless print removal, with a touch of texture.

Ratings: Printability 8/10, Durability 9/10, Print Removal 8/10.



Semi-Satin Thin Dual-Sided Textured Beds by HoneyBadger: The All-Rounder

The Semi-Satin Thin Dual-Sided Textured Bed is a game-changer, offering the allure of black PEI with an unexpected twist. Its finish is akin to smooth PEI, yet it stands out by virtually eliminating fingerprint visibility and enhancing durability. The true marvel lies in its ease of print removal—prints practically detach themselves once cooled, combining the durability of a textured plate with the clean finish of a smooth surface. And it gets a bump in the durability simply due to the fact that it is a double sided finish so can theoretically outlast either of the other choices.


Aesthetics: Subtly captivating, it dodges fingerprints with grace.

Durability and Care: As rugged as the textured variant, promising a long life.

Printability and Removal: Surprisingly easy removal, balancing adhesion and convenience.

Ratings: Printability 7/10, Durability 9/10, Print Removal 10/10.



Conclusion: The Verdict on Black PEI Flex Plates

Choosing the right PEI flex plate boils down to personal preference and specific printing requirements. The Textured Plate emerges as the top recommendation for its broad appeal, offering a perfect mix of durability, printability, and easy removal. For those seeking a smooth finish with minimal maintenance, the Semi-Satin Plate is a close second, blending toughness with hassle-free print removal. Lastly, the Smooth Black PEI Plate caters to those in need of exceptional adhesion, provided you're willing to handle it with care.

Each of these black PEI flex plates by HoneyBadger not only enhances the visual appeal of your print bed but also promises to elevate your 3D printing experience. Whether you prioritize ease of use, durability, or aesthetic perfection, there's a plate in this lineup tailored just for you.


Tested with Polymaker ABS gold and Cookiecad PLA sunrise.
PLA Cookiecad sunrise
ABS Polymaker gold

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