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Zodiac Nozzles now shipping!
Zodiac Nozzles now shipping!

Voron V2.4 & Trident (V1.9) FFC mod kit (Flex Cable)

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This is an upgrade Kit for Voron 2.4 & Trident printers to replace the Drag Chains and wiring for the X and Y axis with FFCs ( Flat Flexible Cables ). These have a myriad of benefits, but the highlights for Voron are significant reduction in weight and friction as well as simpler build process and easy maintenance. 


Kit Contents:

3x PCBs ( Toolhead, X to Y and Y to Z )

2x FFCs

4x Locking ZIF Connectors ( thru hole for mechanical longevity and easy soldering )

Pinouts/Diagrams for the PCBs


Electrical & Thermal Specifications:

FFC Max Ambient Temp: 80C

Max Stepper RMS Current: 1.5A

Max Heater Cartridge Wattage: 100W*


*6 parallel conductors are dedicated to the Heater in the FFC to achieve this. A single conductor is NOT rated for 100Watts. Kit is designed and manufactured by schmidtproto


Size: 250 mm