Voron v0.1 Full kit by LDO **preorder for batch 6**

$599.99 $650
Batch 6 is now open for preorder, scheduled to ship via sea on June 21st with a 21-25 day transit time**

**does not include raspberry Pi or printed parts **
full BOM here: http://docs.ldomotors.com/voron/voron01/LDO_V0
  • LDO Frame
  • LDO V0.1 Motor Kit
  • LDO Stainless steel 440c linear rail kit
  • Phaetus Dragonfly BMO
  • Pre Made Wire kit
  • Fans, heaters, buck converter, hardware, tools
  • 2 Flex Build plates (one powder coated, one smooth PEI) and a magnet
  • Cast aluminum bed
  • BTT SKR Mini V2
  • Acrylic enclosure

**does not include printed parts **