Voron V0.1 Fan kit


V0.1 Fan kit available in both Standard and Performance configuration.

kit includes:

2x 3010 24v blower fan

1x 3007 5v fan 

Standard Version uses Caizhu sleeve bearing fans and performance version uses Caizhu dual ball bearing blowers with OEM Caizhu ball bearing fan


 performance specs

3010 fan 24V double ball bearing, 0.04A current, 9000 speed, air volume 2.85CFM, air pressure 2.98mmH2O

The 3007 5V ball bearing fan: DC5V , rated current 0.1A ±10%, Rated speed 7000±10%RPM, Maximum air flow 2.1 CFM, Maximum static air pressure 1.6 mmH2O

standard specs

 to be disclosed