Voron Trident (v1.9) kit by Fabreeko


**Inventory is temporarily removed until after MRRF so we can make sure all pending orders ship**

The Team behind Fabreeko is excited to finally offer the Trident kit. We have been working countless nights trying to get this kit together for the community and after careful selection of components, this is where we landed.  


The kit includes everything needed to build a Trident to BOM+ specs 

  • Trident Black Aluminum Extrusion frame 250mm/300mm/350mm sized
  • Fabreeko Mic 6 super flat Bed to BOM specs
  • HoneyBadger PEI double sided (smooth/textured) with Magnet 
  • Fabreeko Designed Arlon Edge to Edge Heater with 210c rated Glue (no RTV needed)
  • Fabreeko 50w hot end Heater and 104GT2 thermistor
  • FFC kit to simplify the wiring process for the toolhead 
  • HoneyBadger Premium Motion kit with Honeybadger bearings and black pulleys
  • Fabreeko Performance fan kit (gds time fans and sunon red 4010 for the hot end)
  • Stainless Steel Fastener set with organizer box
  • BMG kit using hardened black gears, Honeybadger mr85 bearings, Bondtech original thumbscrew and Bondtech  Plastic gear.
  • Mean well LRS-200-24
  • BTT octopus with 6x TMC 2209 
  • LDO Motors set for Trident
  • LDO Stainless Steel kit 5x MGN9H and 1x MGN12H (HoneyBadger substitution available )
  • Titanium Backers with Titanium screws
  • ADXL345
  • XY limit switch PCB (requires printed parts here )
  • klicky kit
  • BOM spec cable chains 
  • Cast Acrylic Clear and Black panels for better warp resistance 
  • Mini display BOM spec
  • Omron SSR
  • Miscellaneous build items like rubber feet, VHB tape, DIN rails

Parts not included

  • printed parts 
  • hot end
  • 5v PSU (optional)
  • misc connectors/terminals
  • ferrules
  • tesa wire loom harness tape
  • loctite blue
  • fume extractor carbon filter
  • 20 awg silicone cable for mains 10ft