V0.1 ultra light X-Beam aluminum


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What is it?
This is the ultra-light X-Beam for Voron0.1. The weight is ~14.6 grams which means a weight reduction of ~66% over the stock extrusion (~43 grams) **only compatible with mgn7h**

Materials used:
CNC milled from Aluminum (ENAW-6060 / AlMgSi0,5)

What you need to source

  • M2 x 4 qty 10
  • M3 x 10 qty 3
  • M3 x 6 qty 2
  • M3 x 12 qty 1

More info:
The X-Beams have the following accuracy: The outside dimensions from X-Beam to X-Beam vary between 14.60 and 14.72 mm. The variation on one X-Beam and the same side is smaller (+/-0.03mm) The positions of the threads vary between +/- 0.02 mm across all X-Beams.

According to the FEA you can expect a temporary deformation of 0.05mm with 100K acceleration and a stock V0.1 toolhead.

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