Rat Rig V-Minion Divider PCB Mod


What is it?

A modification for the Rat Rig V-Minion 3D Printer* to make it much easier to disconnect the electronics box from the main printer, do maintenance on your machine, move your machine around, or just plain keep it all nice and tidy.

The Divider is supplied as a kit with varying components depending on how much of the assembly you already own, wish to self source, or want to be provided in the kit. There is nothing different between the PCB or components used in each of the tiers it just changes which bits you get and which bits you don’t.

There is no solder or soldering iron provided in the kit.

What’s Included

  1. Bare PCB: The printed circuit board with no components. These are professionally made by JLCPCB. Clean, cut and ready to go.
  2. Assembly Jig STL: This is a digital file that you can download after purchase and print yourself. It is optional but can help greatly with PCB assembly.
  3. Written Guide: This is a thorough guide on preparation, assembly, printing, and wiring. It includes lots of instruction, detailed images, and pin diagrams of the design.
  4. Soldered Components: This is everything that is soldered to the PCB such as headers, diodes, resistors, connectors etc.
  5. Terminals, plugs etc: This is anything that assembles to the wires rather than to the PCB directly such as terminal crimps, plugs and ferrules.

    Assembly instructions here

A portion of this sale goes to support the original creator.