Quickdraw probe for Voron Switchwire


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Full kit to build Switchwire quickdraw probe 


  • 1x Omron D2F-l (or omron equivalent) microswitch
  • 8x 6x3mm magnets
  • 2x M2x12mm screws (magnetic)
  • 2x M3x8mm SHCS
  • 2x M5X12mm SHCS
  • 2x M5 T-nut for 3030 extrusion
  • 2x M3x5x4 threaded heat inserts
  • 40cm of 24AWG wire
  • 2x MicroFit3 male pins

and these

  • 1x Omron D2F-L (or omron equivalent) microswitch 
  • 2x M3x5x4 threaded heat inserts
  • 2x M2x10 Self Tapping
  • About 1m of 24AWG wire

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