Prusa MK3S Bear Kit By Fysetc (clone)

This is a complete Mk3s kit by Fysetc using bear upgraded parts also produced by fysetc. 
Package listing:
1.The kit contains what is in the BOM:
V slots 1x331mm + 331mm + 290mm, 2x359mm + 370mm
Tee-nuts M5-31x
M5 spring pad-16x
M5x8mm low profile screw-4x
M5x10mm low profile screw-17x
M5x12mm low profile screw-14x
Self Tapping Screw M5 - 4x
Set screw 4mm M5 - 8x
M3x12mm socket head screw (hex) - 10x
Zip ties 2.5x100mm -20x
2.Y carriage*1
3.370mm smooth rods*2+330mm smooth rods*2+320mm smooth rods*2
4.MK52 magnetic heated bed*1+steel sheet*1+PEI*2
5.30CM Textile Sleeve Cable Wire*1
6.Motor kit-Nema 17 stepper motor and z axis 320mm motor
7.IR filament sensor + cable(SET)
8.power panice with cable and switch*1
9.P.I.N.D.A V2 *1
10.power supply*1
11.Stainless Steel U-bolts*3
13.Antivibration Feet*4
14.4010 FAN*1
15.5015 FAN*1
16.HeatSink Extruder Radiator Kit*1
17.50CM Textile Sleeve Cable Wire*1
18.HT-NTC100K Thermistor Temperature Sensor 1m *1
19.24V 50W Ceramic Cartridge Heater 1M*1
20.1 M PTFE Tube Teflonto
21.drive gear extruder kit
22.2m belt with 2pcs pulley
24.aluminum spacer*9
25. 1set the whole screw nut kit
26.  1M*PTFE tube
27. Einsy board+1*2004LCD

**Does not include printed parts**
Link to printed parts here