Polymaker PolyBox Edition Ⅱ Filament dryer

$58.99 $69.99
  • Multiple Materials: PolyBox™ Edition Ⅱ can print with two 1kg spools simultaneously perfectly suited to dual extrusion printing or use one 3kg spool for longer prints or industrial users. Cut the 150cm filament guide tube to suit your setup.
  • Built-in Thermo-Hygrometer: PolyBox™ Edition Ⅱ includes a built-in high-precision thermo-hygrometer to allow the user to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the PolyBox. The humidity can be maintained below 15% to prevent filament moisture absorption.
  • Change the position of the inlet holes. It is more convenient for users to change spools.
  • Reusable desiccant bags & Upgraded packing
  • The humidity within the box has to be maintained below 15% to prevent the filament from absorbing moisture during storage or during the 3d printing process.