Fabreeko V0.1 Hardware kit (Stainless steel Fasteners+Motion+BMG+Misc)

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V0.1 Hardware kit combines most of the Miscellaneous items you need while building a V0.1 this includes a Full Stainless Steel Fastener set, Bearings, Heat inserts, Magnets, yellow Springs, Feet, and even a BMG kit. You can add Gates belts and pulleys to complete your motion kit as an add-on item. This kit is great for Maintenance or when building a new v0.1 from the start. 

For the Parts list please see the second picture. 

***B stock kits might have missing M2X6FHCS (10 pcs) screws, might come a little mixed up from the shipping and some quantities are exactly what BOM states with little to no extras. bearings are ZZ not RS which means they have metal seals. We are transitioning to new packaging and new quantities which is why we are heavily discounting this item this is your opportunity to get an Excellent kit at half the cost**