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Code 15PH for phaetus hot ends and filament 20PH for 20% off Nozzles
Code 15PH for phaetus hot ends and filament 20PH for 20% off Nozzles

Fabreeko built Slice engineering Copperhead for v6 style printers (cr-10 v2/v3)

Original price $88.98 - Original price $154.99
Original price
$88.98 - $154.99
Current price $134.99

This is a complete Slice Engineering copperhead block and heat Break finished with a “v6 style” heatsink for drop-in compatibility with Creality cr-10 v2/v3 models and more v6 style printers. Available in multiple configurations to fit your budget.

hot ends come pre-built by our in house techs at Fabreeko. During the assembly process, we use slice engineering boron paste on the thermistor, heater cartridge, and heat break. 

This measure the same as the stock hot end on the cr-10 v2/v3 series (64.1mm) which means no fan shroud modifications will be needed to fit them.

**Does not include heater cartridge, you can reuse your stock one with some thermal paste, we recommend using one of our 60w heaters or a slice engineering 50w heater for added performance specially when purchasing the 450c configurations. **
 ** block/nozzle  surface is hazy after applying slice plastic repellent, it should not negatively impact performance**
** stock fan shroud has been tested up to 280c on the latest cr-10 v3  however some most likely early cr-10 v2/v3 have reported slight melting around 230c Fabreeko does not guarantee your shroud won't melt** 
Style: Slice all the way (300c thermistor/vanadium nozzle)