Polymaker PolyTerra Fossil Grey PLA (Matte finish) 1KG Spool


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  • Excellent printability: PolyTerra️ PLA features great overhang and bridging capability. It is also capable of reaching faster printing speeds while maintaining consistent extrusion.
  • Matte/Smooth finish: PolyTerra️ PLA gives a smooth and matte surface finish on your prints, helping with hiding the layer pattern specific to FFF 3D printing.
  • For every spool of PolyTerra️ PLA produced, Polymaker will plant one tree in the area where the spool will be purchased.
  • Easy support removal: One of the main advantages of PolyTerra️ PLA is that it is designed to being able to support itself and break away easily.
  • Diameter: 1.75mm ; Weight: 1kgb