BIGTREETECH SKR MINI E3 V2.0 Motherboard features: (Upgrades from v1.2)

  •  Use MP1584EN power chip, support 12-24V power input, the maximum output current can reach 2.5A.
  •  The hot bed MOS tube uses WSK220N04, low on-resistance, larger heat dissipation area, and reduce heat generation.
  • (Onboard Sensorless homing function, which can be used by plugging in the jump cap
  • Optimize the plate and frame to avoid the phenomenon of screw hole gap and screws hitting components.
  • Support BLtouch, filament detection, power-off resume, automatic shutdown, etc.
  • Onboard EEPROM: AT24C32.
  • Add parallel double Z-axis interface.
  •  Increase the board layer: 4 layer board.
  •  Increase the heat dissipation area of the back driver and strengthen the heat dissipation capacity.
  •  Two CNC fan interfaces.
  • Increase the distance between the driving chip and the components to avoid the trouble caused by the heat sink.
  • Add the protection device to the thermistor interface.
  • 5V power supply with BLtouch, TFT and RGB interfaces is optional.
  •  The driver shares a physical UART port, which saves IO and enhances stability.