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  • MCU: ARM 32 bit and 168MHz STM32F407VGT6 of Cortex-M4 series UART serial screen and 12864-like screen can be selected in two working modes, with higher compatibility
  • Encoder Design Colors Can Be Switched at Will. √ 3)Reserve the WIFI interface, support the external WIFI module to realize the WIFI function;
  •  Serial screen mode supports two printing methods: SD card and U disk, Support up to 15 languages, easy to use
  • LCD12864 mode including EXP1、EXP2、EXP3,EXP1and EXP2 is for the LCD screen of ordinary motherboard, and EXP3 is for the LCD screen of E3 series(like SKR MINI E3、SKR E3 DIP etc.).