In this page you can find the latest information on our Trident kits.



Expected arrival at Fabreeko’s warehouse 1/10/2022 

items in transit after main delivery:

300mm: din rails (fixed) , PEI  Eta: should be pending ups pickup and start tracking this week 1/10/22 (5-9 days after this for delivery)  

250mm: PEI ETA: same shipment as above

350mm: din rails, Pei ETA: in production (4weeks)


@Dc_sublime (300mm)
Status: built, finishing configuration.
problems: substandard Mic6 bed (Fixed), finicky thermistor (fixed), substandard ge5c bearings (fixed).

@clee (250mm)
status: in progress 95% complete
problems: ge5c (fixed), Thumbscrew (fixed)

@cyndane (300mm)
status: in the box
problems: ge5c (fixed)



GE5C bearing-  **Spec Igus bearing is not in stock our order is still on backorder with a long lead time, we are sourcing metal bearings as a replacement with the option to get Igus later once they arrive** original ge5c bearings in all trident motion kits were identified as substandard bearings. Solution- replaced all kits with Honeybadger high quality polished bearings 


top is new Honeybadger bearing, bottom was original bearing 

Thermistor- single event, tests in house found no issues, possible wiring problem with testers unit. Problem fixed after tare down and rebuild of hot end. No further solution required. Backup thermistors are available in case of further problems.


Mic 6 bed- sub standard deviation 0-0.8mm when hot, possible problem when anodizing the material or problem with the manufacturer using wrong materials. **Waiting confirmation from other testers to make sure its not isolated incident ** solution: manufacturer’s is urgently making new samples in all 3 sizes that will be shipped via air to testers for approval. production will start once approved with possible 2-3 week+ shipping delay of kit deliveries. Second local manufacturing has been secured with a lower delay time of 3 weeks from order to delivery. Waiting for more information.

@dc_Sublimes mesh:

@DC's second bed 
Before gantry re alignment 

After gantry re alignment 

@clee’s mesh:

Before Gantry re alignment 

After re alignment 

@Cyndane’s mesh:


update 1/10/2022

**end result is inconclusive, we have overnighted a new bed setup to dc if this one turns to be as good as Clee’s we will reach the conclusion it was a one off problem** 

 Update: 1/11/2022

** DC's new bed has excellent flatness and when he re did his gantry it showed even better flatness, we now believe his original bed was a one off and will start shipping the kits out soon**

BMG Thumbscrew- included bmg thumbscrew spring is too long compared to bondtech spec. Solution- replace with original BondTech part with possible trident logo on it. 

**Fabreeko strives to maintain a level of quality and transparency above the industry standard. Unfortunately, Delays may happen as we correct some of the problems found on initial kits. If the updated timelines for product delivery do not work for you, please contact us at and we can find a solution. **