90 day step-UP program

Fabreeko 90 day Step-UP program:

90 days is an eternity when dealing with electronics. Fabreeko has got your back with the Step-up program which allows you to buy with confidence knowing that you can upgrade to a different 3d printer as long as you are within 90 days of purchasing. All you have to do is pay the difference and shipping fees 

The process is simple:

  1. Submit a request via email to 90days@fabreeko.com be sure to include your order number and a brief description of your printer current state including any personalization you may have done. 
  2. we will verify the validity of your request and calculate the cost of upgrading based on the price you paid and the current price of your upgrade printer. if your step-up printer has similar or less cost than your current printer then only shipping fees will need to be paid. 
  3. Once approved you have 7 days to pay the difference and shipping costs
  4. when payment is received you will get a shipping label via email to ship your current printer
  5. Once we receive and process your current printer we will ship out your new one. Processing time is typically less than 24 Hours from your printer being received.
  6. Enjoy your new 3D printer!


Frequently asked Questions

  • What qualifies for the step up program?

At this time only 3D printers qualify for this program

  • what is the cost of shipping my printer back and getting the new one?
Shipping cost depends on your location
. However, expect to pay about the same you paid for shipping when you placed your original order. we don't make any money on our shipping labels  
  • i am outside the 90 days can you make an exception?

 Maybe... if you make a video of how amazing Fabreeko is and it goes viral Maybe then we will reconsider. Who knows? get creative! 

  • My cat walked and slept over my printer and now the bed is all warped will you still take it?
 First- buy that cat a real bed, perhaps something with active heating like your printers bed.
Second- If your printer has minimal and repairable damage we will accept it in the Step-Up program at a lower value based on the damages noted. Keep in mind that we inspect all printers received and test them before we ship out the new one, so we will find out if there are any hidden issues with the unit you sent us. 
  • i bought my printer from **<insert other non Fabreeko shop here>**; do i still qualify for the step up program?

try buying something at micro center and returning it to best buy, let us know how it goes. who knows? you might get lucky. 


  • i really want that new **<insert latest printer model here>**; but you guys dont have it in stock, what can we do ?

 If you want a printer that's not in stock and your 90 days are running out, you can apply for the printer upgrade and once approved we will "Freeze" your 90 days until we receive inventory. keep in mind that shipments come straight from  Longhua District, Shenzhen, China. which is not a hop skip and jump away from Florida. items might take 30 days+ to arrive. You will be charged the upgrade cost and wont be able to cancel the Step-up until past the 30 day mark unless special circumstances apply. 

  • What kind of printer will i get if i do the step-up program?

 ALL step-up printers are BRAND NEW factory sealed and are pulled form the same stock as the ones being sold in our shop, they will be covered under full warranty as provided by Creality. the only difference is, their serial numbers will be recorded and placed on the Step-up program exclusion list along with Billy's printer who's wife sent us an email asking us to stop selling him stuff. 

  • Can i apply for the step-up program with my recently received, inside the 90 day printer that i just got from my old step-up application?

 No way Jose! sorry but double dipping is not allowed.

  • When does my 90 day start counting? is it based on shipment date? delivery date? order date? 
first, Your order date and shipping date should be the same (yes, we are that fast) however to keep things simple we will start counting based on your delivery date +1. this should give you enough time to open the box, be amazed by all those big aluminum extrusion parts and build the printer. to be clear if you received your printer on the 12 we will start counting 90 days from the 13 with holidays and weekends included.