Fabreeko cr-10 v2/v3 & cr-10s pro v2 320*310 dual PEI bed


  • Spring Steel sheet measuring .5 mm thickness 
  • Sabic Ultem (PEI) 1000 is used for the smooth side for its superior ability to handle heat cycles and high chemical resistance 
  • Ultrafine Powder coated "Frosted" PEI side for durability 
  • 3M 200MP adhesive magnet is used for the base because of its thinness and high-temperature rating of 150C+ 
  • Includes magnetic sheet pre-cut to size


**Frosted PEI recommended for PETG and ABS prints but can also do many other materials, the smooth side should only be used with PLA, other materials will adhere but might form too much adhesion without the use of a release agent**.

We recommend running these spacers with the pei sheet